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Jacqui Wright is an over 50's dating goddess with a wealth of knowledge and experience in online dating. She starred on popular dating tv show First Dates and has a blog called The Wright Disaster where she shares all of her dating tales.

Over 50's Dating

Over 50's Dating

So You Want To Try Online Dating?

Believe it or not dating isn’t just for young people. Surprised? You shouldn’t be when you consider that more than ever, couples are getting divorced in their 40’s/50’s not to mention the people who have unfortunately lost a partner due to illness. It’s a scary thought when you’ve been with the same person for decades, to start considering maybe dipping a toe in the muddy waters of online dating and wondering if you’re ever going to find someone that you would like enough to start a new chapter with. Lots of older people have probably lost their confidence or self-esteem, especially if they’ve come out of a bad marriage/relationship, but it’s worth noting that it’s possible to find love again at any age and lots of mature people are using dating sites. Don’t worry if it’s new to you, these 3 tips will help you find love in today’s online dating world.

Be Open Minded.

The thing with older dating is to ditch the idea of what you consider to be your “type”. Many people don’t look anything like they did when they were younger so maybe if you’re holding out for someone tall dark and handsome, you’re likely to be disappointed. Older daters have a wealth of life experience which makes them much more interesting than just a pretty face, it’s about accepting that a lot of people will have some sort of baggage but if you’re a bit more open minded you’ll find that maybe your type isn’t what you thought it was. Maybe the guy who makes you laugh all evening is preferable to the one who spends all his time checking dating apps to see who’s left any messages. Maybe the woman who tells you about her amazing travels is more preferable to the woman who spends all evening checking her mirror to make sure her make up is flawless.

Profile Pictures. Profile pictures are your shop window so make sure your pictures show you at your best. No one wants to see pics of pets, grandchildren, group photos (making it difficult to know who’s profile it is) a new sofa, motorbikes, caravans, lingerie, or food. The more pictures on your profile the better, but make sure that they are pictures of you, happy and smiling that show what your hobbies and personality. You might be tempted to post old pictures of you ten years ago hoping that you’ve not aged that much, but nothing annoys people more than turning up for a date to find that the person looks nothing like their photos. If you’re interested in getting to know someone and they only have one picture, don’t be shy in asking them do they have any more.

Arranging A Date.

Arranging a date with someone you’ve been chatting with is exciting. Basic rules apply though such as letting someone know where you’ll be, and it’s probably not the best idea to let someone you don’t really know pick you up from where you live, not on a first date anyway. Always meet in a public place, in a coffee shop, café or a bar and put a time limit on it so if you feel that you’re not getting on, you have an excuse to leave. This could be that you’re meeting a friend in 30 minutes or you’ve got an errand to run soon. If you like them you can always (pretend) cancel and continue the date, but it helps in situations when you know it’s not right from the get go. If you’re not very confident about actually meeting someone then you don’t have to. Take your time and you’ll probably find that chatting with different people will help to prepare for when you do feel ready to take the plunge. Older dating is a bit different but essentially everybody is looking for the same thing, someone to love, care for and hopefully spend the rest of their life with. Join as many dating sites as you like as there are quite a few older dating sites available, and the stigma has long gone.

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