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Elisa Mclean founded queek'd through her personal pain point of not being able to access an unbiased list of serious datings & apps. Since developing this platform, she has now found her purpose in helping singles feel happier and connect on soulmate level and is now on a mission to bring people together in love.

Could EFT Help You Relax And Meet Your Match?

So many of us are stressed these days. We're not talking about the odd gripe, or gritting of teeth when the wakeup alarm doesn't go off on time. We're talking real, squeaky angry voice, tightened fist, shout at anyone for even being alive - stress. As a single in today's age, you are likely to deal with pressure at work, money worries, raising a family (If you're a single parent) and family and friend dramas - and you're forced to deal with them on your own. Of course, we all have the strength to go it alone, and do really well on our own. But there is always that human longing to have someone there at the end of a long day to tell us that it's gonna be OK, to give us a warm cuddle, to help us get through these really difficult times. The problem is, when you're as wound up as a sailors knot, you're not going to be giving off your best dating vibe. In a relationship you support your other half through everything, highs and lows. But when you're dating, putting forward the most negative side of yourself is not going to appeal to anyone, no matter how lovely and understanding they are. Put it this way, if you went on a date with a person who seemed distracted, tense and had a bit of a dull unengaged look in their eye, would you stick around to find out why? Probably not, because first impressions do matter. Even if you're just chatting via online dating sites, you're still unlikely to be coming across as you should, your mind is likely to be elsewhere and you're probably not thinking as positively as usual.

Don't Worry!

Don't worry if this is you, you're not destined to be alone forever, nor are you destined to be this stressed forever - you will be OK. Your main focus right now needs to be yourself, and once you've found a way to manage your stress and become more relaxed and happy, then you'll be much better able to date with gusto. It may even be the case you feel you couldn't even face dating right now because you're so stressed. All understandable, stress is horrible, but it is manageable.

How Do I Become Less Stressed?

There are lots of different ways to deal with stress. Sometimes it might be a simple case of changing your job or job role, or dropping a few friends who bring you nothing but stress. It could be a simple lifestyle change like improving your diet or doing more exercise, or even simply practising some breathing exercises when things get tough. However, if you've tried everything and anything and simply find life's day-to-day stresses get to you far more than you feel they should, it might be worth giving EFT a shot.

What Is EFT?

EFT stands for The Emotional Freedom Technique which is a simple tapping technique used to release negative energy from the body. It is used to boost your emotional health, which is incredibly important as even if you eat clean and exercise regularly, you won't benefit from your lifestyle if your emotional being is in turmoil. EFT helps with lots of things, but is particularly helpful for stress relief, in fact it has the ability to take your stress from 10 to 0 in just a few minutes. It works on the same energy points as acupuncture does which is nothing to be scoffed at, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat both physical and emotional issues. And what's even more great about EFT is the fact you don't have to go anywhere near a needle for it to work. Yay!

So How Does It Work?

It works using a combination of tapping with the tips of your fingers whilst saying positive affirmations to yourself. The technique is easy to learn but you will need to give yourself a little bit of time to memorise the tapping points and get used to referring to the technique when you need to de-stress. There are lots of Youtube videos showing you EFT, just type in 'EFT for stress' and you'll see hundreds of results to choose from. We would recommend watching this easy beginners video which shows you how to tap and where to tap - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAclBdj20ZU

De-stress And Reboot

If you are suffering from stress, and think it might be stopping you living life as you should, try this alternative treatment.

Remember, your mind is just as important as your body - the two are inextricably linked. Prioritise your emotional health just as you would your physical health and you will reap the rewards. Putting your best positive self forward whilst dating is important so give EFT a go - you owe it to yourself!

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