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Elisa Mclean founded queek'd through her personal pain point of not being able to access an unbiased list of serious datings & apps. Since developing this platform, she has now found her purpose in helping singles feel happier and connect on soulmate level and is now on a mission to bring people together in love.

Sex: No Strings Fun

When Is No Strings Sex A Good Idea?  


In a world full of casual hook ups, when is it OK to simply enjoy no strings, swinging from the chandelier, never speak to the person again afterwards, sex? As a woman, is it ever acceptable to do this without feeling a bit… ashamed? Well, this isn't an article that's going to go deep on what is socially acceptable, this is an article all about you and when it's ok for you to enjoy simple no strings attached fun.  

No Strings Sex Could Be A Good Idea When…  



You’re In A Great Place Emotionally   

If you’re feeling good about yourself, you're vibing high and know that you’re emotionally A-OK, then there’s really no harm in enjoying a little bit of fun and intimacy. Sex is great for re-energising the body and releasing those feel good hormones. Just make sure that you choose your partner wisely and remember to always stay safe.    


You've Been Single For Years And Things Are Getting Dusty Down There   

If your knickers are the clothing equivalent of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, it might be time for you to embrace a bit of no strings activity. If you feel good within yourself and have 'needs' then it could be a great time for you to enjoy a bit of ‘you know what’. It can be a real confidence boost to simply let all your worries go and share physical intimacy with someone. Plus it's good to keep the fires of passion burning when you've been single for a while - it can be so easy for it to fizzle out.  


You Don't Plan To Get Into A Serious Relationship  

If you've decided you're not going to get into a serious relationship while you concentrate on yourself, or your career, no strings sex can be a good thing. For all the same reasons as above, plus and as long as it’s a conscious decision, then you've really got nothing to lose. You've confidently and actively chosen to be single for this period of time, so this is a great option if you want sexy times. Friends with benefits can be an ideal solution, but make sure that you’re always open, honest and respectful to one another.  

Remember, having sex outside of a committed relationship is perfectly acceptable when done consciously, loving, honestly and respectfully.

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