Saskia Nelson

Saskia Nelson is an experienced online dater and the founder of award winning dating photography company Hey Saturday. Although she is now in a relationship, Saskia remains passionate about helping singles find love by creating 'wow' profile photos that stand out from the crowd.

Profile Photos Matter!

Hey Saturday is the world’s first and coolest dating photography business. We provide show-stopping, jaw-dropping dating photos for hundreds of single people across the UK to turbo-charge their dating response rate and kick-start their love lives.

And… we don’t just transform drab dating profile photos into pure awesomeness, we like to think we give people the belief that they can find love online and the confidence to go out there and do it.

The vibe

Our ethos is to create photos that look like the client’s friend happens to be an excellent photographer, rather than that ‘Help, I need a professional dating photographer’ kind of vibe, which comes across as a bit desperate on dating sites. With this in mind, we avoid studio shots and anything too posed and formal, instead opting for a relaxed, carefree vibe. All Hey Saturday photographers are experts at getting our clients to relax and are able to capture happy, relaxed, natural shots, which don’t look too posed.

Our raison d’etre

Our aim is to take a gorgeous set of dating profile photos for single people that showcase them at their best to enable them to attract more attention on their dating profiles.

Our dating photos do three things: they make you look great, they help tell your story and they help you stand out online.

For each client we provide a variety of different backdrops and encourage a number of different outfits/looks (dependent on which dating photo package they choose) so that it doesn’t look like all the photos were taken at the same time. 

Case study


In the summer of 2015, we had a lovely client, Samantha Lovell, who was over from Chicago, visiting her sister in Kingston for the summer holidays. While she was over, she decided to book a dating photo shoot with Hey Saturday at Twickenham, which was near to where she was staying. About 8 months later, I dropped her a quick line to see how the dating was going and she sent me this

I'm doing really well. In fact I’ve met the man I'm nearly certain I'm going to marry! Get this: he saw one of the photos you took and immediate thought, ‘That's the woman I'm going to marry!”

Within a month of that email, she sent me a follow up to say that he’d proposed during their holiday in Hawaii. We are over the moon for Samantha and her beau and are secretly hoping for a wedding invite to Chicago next summer.

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